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Ready to List…Now What?

Steps in the Listing Process

As we discussed in our previous posts in May and June, marketing your house involves a complex but orderly series of steps, and it’s a team effort. We handle the ‘realtor stuff.’ You do the ‘seller stuff.’  Our previous posts discussed things you can do to prepare your home. If you are all done with those steps, now what?

You can put down the tools you’ve been using to fix up your home, and pick up a pencil, pen or computer. Now it’s time for “Seller Homework.” 

Look through your file cabinets (or your digital files) and find the information we will need to market your home:

  • Previous appraisal – local regulations require us to validate the square footage information at the time of listing. If you have a previous appraisal available, the appraiser-measure square footage will be on that report. If you have the builder’s original plans, that works as well.
  • Previous survey – if you received a drawing of your house situated on your lot, we will want to include that in our marketing (and you will want to pass it along to the new buyers). 
  • Utility provider information/Utility usage history – Utility transfers take effect the day of closing (unless otherwise agreed). So we will need to supply utility provider contact information to the buyers – and if your home has any great energy efficiency features, hopefully those will show up in the form of a history of low utility bills.
  • Termite bond information – if you have a termite bond with a local pest service, this can be transferred to the new owner once they purchase the home. It provides peace of mind to the buyer, so it’s another great selling point.
  • HOA information – do  you pay annual, quarterly or monthly dues to a Homeowners Association? If so, we will need the contact information for the HOA and the amount of the dues.
  • Create a List of improvements/upgrades (include copies of applicable permits) – Whether you painted, replaced carpet, or remodeled a kitchen, a list of all improvements and upgrades demonstrates pride of ownership and adds value.
  • Gather keys for use in lockbox. We will need two sets of  keys, plus any codes to electronic door locks or security systems that will be used during your time on the market.

Now, you’re ready for us!

What we do:

  • Provide a list of recommended actions such as decluttering, home staging and/or professional home cleaning. This is a case where less is better. Furniture should allow the buyer to picture how a room could be used, but allow the buyer to picture themselves living there. The less personal items you have on display, the less distractions.
  • Have your home professionally measured (if no previous appraisal or floor plan is available). 
  • Schedule professional photography and a 3-D Tour.  Professional photos make your house look amazing to attract more buyers and sellers. This helps sell your listing more quickly and for more money. The 3-D tour helps in other ways: 1) Buyers do a virtual walk through of your home to see how each room flows into others. This helps them imagine how they would live in the home once they purchase. 2) Many buyers are coming to our area from other states. Because homes are selling fast, some buyers make offers “sight unseen,” in part because the 3-D tour answers so many of their questions about the layout and condition of the home. 3) As COVID concerns continue to create question marks for both buyers and sellers, 3-D tours increase the number of people who can “tour” your home without actually being in your home.
  • Install a lockbox – our electronic lockboxes allow agents, inspectors and appraisers to enter the home for scheduled appointments, and allows us to keep track showing activity.
  • Enter all your home’s information in the MLS – from room measurements and total square footage, to the appliances and upgrades that are included with the house, the MLS detail sheet is your opportunity to share all the information a buyer might need to know. This is a case where more is better.
  • Install a For Sale sign with directionals (if needed). Sure, online apps provide directions, but that For Sale Sign is a signal to anyone and everyone that this house is available!
  • Market your home – We distribute your listing to hundreds of online sites, promote it on our own social media platforms, do Open Houses, email your listing directly to other agents, and cross check your homes basic features against our database of buyers to see if your home is a match for any of them.
  • Receive, review and present offers – Yes, multiples. The average number of offers for listings across the country is currently five (according to the National Association of Realtors). In many cases this past year, we have had listings get more than 10 offers. Sound confusing? We walk you through the comparisons and help you narrow things down to the the offer that best addresses your needs.
  • After you have an accepted offer, our work is just beginning. Here are a few of the things we do to reduce the stress as we move towards closing:
  • Send the contract to the closing attorney who will order title work and conduct the closing.
  • Stay in touch with the mortgage lender (if any) to make sure the loan process is progressing in a timely manner so the closing won’t be delayed (which is very stressful for all involved).
  • Coordinate home inspections, appraisals, pest inspections and repairs (if any).
  • Recommend professional service providers, from movers and cleaners to painters and electricians. We keep a list of vendors we know will provide prompt, professional service.
  • Communicate regularly with you about all the steps in the process.

We can’t eliminate all the stress, but by the time you get to the closing, we want you to feel that the process was as smooth as possible. 

Are you thinking about selling? If so, we’d love to schedule a strategy session with you to map out the road to a successful sale. Use the contact information below to reach out:

Rebecca Lowrey

Realtor/Team Lead

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