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Decorating for Dollars

Small Changes Can Make a Big Difference

You don’t always have to go for major renovations in order to get your house ready to sell. Here are three quick decorating tips to help you sell faster and for more money.

1. Make sure your mailbox looks amazing.

The contents of your mailbox may not intrigue or excite you, but the container itself is an introduction of sorts to potential buyers. Do you want $600,000 for your house but have a $60 mailbox out front? Is the post leaning? When was the last time you painted it? First impressions matter. So, hit the internet for inspiration and make that mailbox shine. Important tip: check the covenants and restrictions of your neighborhood to see if it includes mailbox guidelines, including paint color or specific mailbox models you should use.

2. Curtains are the cure to lots of conundrums.

A good set of properly hung drapes can block outside noise, hide less desirable features or make a space feel larger than it  really is.

To help mute the unwanted noise, layer a set of 2-inch blinds with curtains hung 3 inches to the sides of the window frame to avoid blocking natural light—starting just under the crown molding, all the way to the floor. Dressing the window like this will deaden outdoor noise, plus allow the buyer is focusing on the natural light and the value of the blinds.

To hide less desirable features (like wall paper or paneling), you’ll want the fabric  to flow from the ceiling to the floor when all is said and done. Start by installing curtain tracks or, if your budget doesn’t allow, you can achieve this look by using rods—just ensure they are as close to the ceiling as possible. Staging furniture around the draped wall will make it look more natural in the room, and not as though something is being hidden. Style the wall like it’s an element you intended to do!

To make a space feel larger, invest in curtains that are even slightly longer than what you would traditionally need. Rather than buying curtains that start at the top of your window, opt for something longer and install the rod several inches above the window. This will give your buyer the illusion of a room with higher ceilings—and make it look much larger. While you’re at it, extend your rods out past the window so that your windows appear larger.

When selecting curtains, stick to neutral-hued drapes with no loud patterns or geometric designs. And be sure your curtains look their best before the install by steaming out all the wrinkles created by packaging, storage or washing of pre-owned panels.

 3. Optimize your space with well-placed mirrors.

Mirrors can brighten up a room and make it appear larger. If you don’t have high ceilings and oversized windows, use strategically placed mirrors to easily enhance a space when your house is on the market. A large mirror on the wall of a small room can also add dimension to the space, making it more pleasing to the eye. Place mirrors near windows to get the added benefit of reflected light in the room.

Want more ideas? Or maybe a strategy session with our experts to help create a list of tips for your specific home? Use the contact information below to connect with us. 

Rebecca Lowrey

Realtor/Team Lead

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